Shop Talk; Last Call: Nothing A Little Property Damage Can’t Fix

When I invited guests David MacDonald and Sam Merciers to do the show I knew we had to set aside some time to talk about their groundbreaking  SoundNotion podcast series, which ran from 2010-2016. It’s the perfect topic for Last Call in that it’s loaded with just the right amount of fun and meta that everyone feels like an insider. If you aren’t already familiar with SoundNotion, it was a podcast …

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Shop Talk, Last Call: Listen To The Situation

At the end of S01E07, guest Scot Silberstein inadvertently set up a fantastic topic for a Last Call installment around the idea of the Stephen R. Covey quote “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” It triggered a fascinating exchange in how that applies to arts orgs and their audiences. [easy-tweet tweet=”If you’re marketing anything out of fear that people won’t …

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Shop Talk Last Call: Cross Pollination In A Good Thing

It’s Last Call and today’s installment features S01E05 guests Zak Vassar and Jeff Vom Saal as they respond to the following reader question: “Are there advantages in having professionally-trained musicians in administrative roles?” Guests About Shop Talk The official podcast of, Shop Talk invites captivating guests to talk about engaging topics connected to the orchestra business. Shop Talk Archives | Shop Talk; Last Call Archives

Shop Talk Last Call: Board Diversity

Grab a cocktail and strap in, we’re going to talk about board diversity with S01E02 guests Weston Sprott and Jason Haaheim. This segment produced a number of memorable quotes: “Power sharing, that’s really what this conversation is all about.” “It’s the modern equivalent of Papal Indulgences.” “Normal led to this, I’m not sure we want to go back.” Guests About Shop Talk The official podcast of, Shop Talk invites captivating guests to …

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Shop Talk Last Call: Goals! We Got Goals Around Here!

As promised, today’s post includes the bonus after show content from Shop Talk S01E01: Reaching Diverse Audiences Through The Marcom Lens. This short segment focuses on guests Ann Marie Sorrell and Ceci Dadisman talking about a series of fashion shows designed in conjunction with a multi-year engagement program to improve audience diversity. FYI, this is the segment mentioned earlier in the week that I’m opening up to reader questions. Guests About …

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