What Do You Want To See For The Second Half Of Shop Talk Season 1?

Astute readers have already written to ask why there wasn’t a new episode of Shop Talk yesterday and I forgot to mention we’re at a mid-season break. All things being equal, the second half will start back up around the second week of March and run through June, but I haven’t decided what exactly might happen over the summer. As I’m getting guests and topics lined up, there are still some …

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Things That Make You Go Buh?!? “white art audience”

I don’t even know where to begin with this one so let’s just jump into it. The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields engaged PR crisis management mode over the weekend after a job description for a new director including a qualification that the candidate would work to attract a more diverse audience while maintaining its “traditional, core, white art audience.” It didn’t take long for that gem to get picked …

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Survey: What Do You Think About Donor Cultivation Tracking Software?

Over the years I’ve had some fascinating conversations with development professionals on the pros and cons of donor cultivation tracking software. By and large, those I speak with either swear by them or curse them as a one-size-fits-none time suck. With the explosion of purpose-built apps, there are quite a few dedicated donor management apps, most of which offering some pretty slick cultivation tracking tools. Some are completely self-contained while others …

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Have You Added Pronouns To Your Zoom Display Name (spoiler: it’s really easy)

Displaying your pronouns alongside your name in Zoom meetings is a great way to normalize pronoun sharing and is a positive step toward improved inclusion. Compared to other virtual meeting platforms, Zoom makes is so easy, there’s no excuse to wait. Seriously, make this your “can’t stop until this is done” task today. In order to make this as easy as possible, I published an article with step by step instructions …

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When Was the Last Time You Reviewed Your Emergency Preparedness Plans?

After experiencing the high-rise building I call home and office suffer the results of not having up to date emergency planning and procedures, it made me think that now is an excellent time to remind readers that annual reviews are a good idea. My colleague, Joe Patti, has written about this topic on a few occasions at ArtsHacker. Emergency Preparation Mentor Rides Into Town Don’t Undermine A Good Crisis Plan With …

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