Donate Like Capitalism Depended On It! (spoiler: because it does)

We live in a time where the Top 0.1% own more than the bottom 80% but we hear more and more about donor burnout. US nonprofit performing arts organizations, and by extension artists, rely on the largess of these large donors so why are they not stepping up to strengthen safety nets to similar levels seen in countries like Germany? The answers require going all the back to the Revenue Act …

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Advocacy Alert: Don’t Let Old-School Culture Wars Nonsense Sideline Relief Funding For The Arts

By the time this article is published, congress may have passed the $2 trillion stimulus package. If not, I strongly encourage everyone to begin contacting your elected representatives and advocate for the inclusion of arts funding. Sadly, relief funding for the arts and culture sector has become a flashpoint for stereotypical political ideology that either understands inherent value the arts and culture sector provides and those who see it as an …

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Email Campaigns #FTW

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Well this came as a pleasant surprise while reviewing email subscription lists: Adaptistration’s Weekly Email Summary crossed the 4,500 mark this week. Since the beginning of 2019, the list has seen a higher than average rate of new subscribers and those new-to-files have remained consistently engaged since subscribing. The weekly summary has been one of the longest running features at the site and while it grows consistently from year to year, …

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Reader Feedback Updates

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In the wake of the San Antonio Symphony news leaping from one extreme announcement to the next over the course of a single day, I took the time to code some design changes based on user feedback. And speaking of San Antonio, we’ll be taking a closer look at all their recent develops later in this week. In the meantime, here are some of the recent changes to help you stay …

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The Updates Just Keep On Coming

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Adaptistration isn’t the only blog enjoying a sizeable infrastructure update; over the weekend, I rolled out a similar platform update for plus you’ll find the first two offerings in the new downloadable 990 series at the Adaptistration Store. I published an article at ArtsHacker that provides a detailed overview of the improvements and enhancements. One item I’m anxious to keep an eye on is the the new related posts function. …

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