We’ve Settled Into A Good Groove With Vax Policies

While new contributions continue to come in, the Performing Arts Org Vax Policy Database has leveled off to 231 entries. More than three-quarters of those include links to their respective online policy pages. This is decidedly one of those projects I’m glad to have allocated the time and resources to create. Having said that, it wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of Holly Mulcahy and Ceci Dadisman or the 178 organizations …

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If You’re Looking For Arts Org Vax Policy Resources, I’ve Got Nearly 200 For You

After a pandemic break Scott Silberstein, HMS Media Co-founder and Executive Producer, is back at his Hot Topics newsletter and the most recent issue has a wealth of resource links to a variety of venue Covid policies: American Players Theater Milwaukee Rep  Upstate New York, including Schenectady, Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, Elmira and Syracuse In Ohio, the Cleveland Playhouse, the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati and Kuss Auditorium at Clark State in Springfield Altria Center in …

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Get Cary Elwes On the Phone!

Orchestras are starting back into live, in-person events and it’s clear everyone is happy to be back. In San Francisco, they even managed to get a good laugh out of wearing masks. The 9/23/21 edition of SFGate.com published an article by Amy Graff that reported on a live movie music concert that featured the film The Princess Bride that had a line which left the audience in tears (in a good …

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Vax Policy Database Entries See 10% Increase

Over the past week, the Vax Policy Database saw a 10 percent increase in the number of entries and at the time this article was written there were 222 organizations across the following sectors: 85 orchestras (+9) 28 opera and chorus (+1) 70 performing arts centers (+3) 17 dance companies (+1) 22 theatres (+6) Of those groups, the lion’s share of organizations still requires all four stakeholder groups to be fully …

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Not Letting Staff “Suffer Your Fantasies Of Self-Victimization”

Just Google “flight attendant assault” and you’ll find no shortage of news and video clips of passengers physically and/or verbally attacking flight attendants as a result of their refusal to accept pandemic safety protocols. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this vitriol has spread to every sector but instead of simply rolling with the punches or quoting public policy, one music director decided to speak up on behalf of his orchestra’s staffers. Georgia Symphony music …

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