Even More Data On Required Vaccination Policies

Pew Research Center has recently published data on the public’s comfort level in engaging in certain activities during the pandemic and whether they would favor showing proof of vaccination (h/t Ceci Dadisman).  Spoiler: most of the adults they polled favor vaccination requirements for live concert events. The report isn’t focused exclusively on live concert events and covers a broad range of activity influenced by vaccination status. But that doesn’t make it any …

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Vax Policy Database Surpasses 200 Entries

In the wake of the new Federal vaccination standards for businesses and the President’s appeal to concert venues to make proof of vaccination status required, it will be interesting to see how that impacts nonprofit performing arts organization’s policy decisions. What’s interesting this week is the number of groups that have modified their policies since they were added to the list. While it’s only around four percent, that’s 100% more than …

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What You May Have Missed From The President’s Remarks On Vaccination Requirements

While news about the new Federal vaccination standards for businesses that employ 100 or more employees is welcome news for most nonprofit performing arts orgs, there are a few additional details in the President’s remarks from 9/9/21 that you may have missed but need to be aware of. Patron Mandates May Not Be Far Away The potential performing arts venues have for becoming a super-spreader source is clearly front and center …

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Solutions That Improve Conditions For Artists And Protect Their Interests

I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight a post from Joe Patti this week that includes a reminder from NEA director of the Office of Research & Analysis, Sunil Iyengar, about the need for arts organizations to remain focused on a post-Covid environment that strives for parity. Given that it’s all too easy to get caught up in the here and now of concessions during the pandemic, boards and executive …

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The Status Of Required Vaccination Policies Among Nonprofit Performing Arts Orgs

The  Vax Policy Database has been gathering data since August 20, 2021 and it’s been adding new records daily. Over the holiday weekend, I added additional view to the database making it easier to see exactly which organizations require all stakeholders to be vaccinated, which provide all stakeholders except ticket buyers, which only require artist employees and staff, and the sliver that have a defined “no required vaccination” policy. At the …

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