Taking Some Spin Out Of The Chicago Rhetoric

As of today, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association (CSOA) has cancelled events through April 9, 2019 and as the work stoppage marches toward the one-month mark, you can bet both sides will be turning up the PR rhetoric. To that end, let’s look at one recent talking point that crosses the spin line. Labor Disputes In The Age Of Gaslighting For decades, it’s been common to see both sides in a …

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Debunking Some Spin in Jacksonville

Among the attachments in the “Jacksonville Emails” is a copy of a Jacksonville Symphony Players’ Association (JSPA) press release from December 15, 2007 which Jacksonville Symphony Association (JSA) Board Chair, Jim Van Vleck, took the time to add what he described as “‘modifications’ to their claims.” Although only 158 words in length, the document provides an unfiltered look into how the JSA executive board leaders communicate with fellow board members about details surrounding the negotiations…

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More Grumbling About Ticket Prices

This time the grumbling comes from Boston where the world renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra is experiencing a severe backlash from its patron subscribers regarding their steep ticket price increases.  According to an article by Geoff Edgers in the March 10th edition of the Boston Globe the BSO has raised ticket prices by as much as 80% for next year’s season.  Subscriber’s reaction has been, to put it mildly, less than enthusiastic with 35 canceling their subscriptions…

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