Pension Plans And Negotiations Part 1

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Among the many issues related to contract negotiations, one of the leading subjects is retirement benefits and pension plans in particular. This negotiation season is no different, but pension plans seem to be more of a hot button issue. The reasons are related to the ability of orchestra associations to adequately fund their pension plans as required by their contract with the musicians and Federal regulations. Take the current negotiation underway …

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The Negotiation Process: How It Works

The first step at better understanding how your local orchestra functions as an organization is to understand the basic principles behind the document that deals with nearly every facet of its operations: the CBA, or Collective Bargaining Agreement. Every major orchestra in America, regardless of union affiliation, has some form of a contract that exists as a result of collective bargaining. This contract governs all issues related to musician compensation, benefits, …

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Perhaps Chairman Smoot Wants A Strike

Ever since the POA launched their public relations campaign to promote their side of the contract negotiations I’ve wondered why board chairman, Richard Smoot, took such a hard line position so quickly.  Unfortunately, I can only speculate as to why.  I’m still waiting to hear back from the POA spokesman, Steve Albertini, with an answer to that question and others; hopefully I’ll hear something soon.  But I feel that chairman Smoot’s …

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Reader Response: More From Philadelphia Patrons

The email messages from Philadelphia Orchestra patrons keep pouring in.  Everyone has an opinion about the topic which range from concern to disgust.  But it’s the letters from patrons which have really caught my attention.  Many patrons seem to be using the tone and outcome of the labor negotiations as the deciding factor regarding whether or not they will give donations to the POA. Laura from PA wrote an email saying: …

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