They Pay You For Something That’s Fun?

In her recent article at The
Partial Observer, Holly Mulcahy examines why she feels it is time to stop
feeling guilty for being a musician. The piece reminded me of the wonderful Take A Friend To Orchestra contribution
from Jim Palermo which starts off with the line “A few years ago it dawned on
me that I was becoming apologetic about working in the arts.” Jim went on to say
that he has vowed to stop apologizing for loving and understanding classical
music and Holly’s piece
adopts a similar tone but from the perspective of a performer…

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Walking In Eyes Wide Open

The Partial Observer published an article today by Holly Mulcahy which examines how aspiring musicians learn about their desired career path. More to the point, she talks about how high school and undergraduate students don’t learn enough about the realities of becoming a professional musician unless they are fortunate enough to encounter a private teacher or other professor who assumes the responsibility for laying it all out there…

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Adults Only

Adult education programs is a well worn topic here at Adaptistration and regular readers already know that I favor a sizeable increase in the quantity and quality of educational activities targeted directly toward adults. Meaning, it is high time to move beyond the static lecture style activities which focus on having someone talk at a group of people…

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