Double Dipping

Throughout this series of articles there has been an ongoing discussion about music directors not having to spend as much time performing as compared to the musicians.  So what exactly do music directors do with all of this down time?  Well, you’ll find them doing everything from guest conducting appearances at other orchestras to serving as another full time music director in a completely different orchestra. While there certainly isn’t anything …

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Reassessing The Music Director Part 2

Today we continue with part 2 of our examination of music director compensation.  In particular, we’ll explore the salaries for music directors and base musicians for 29 ROPA ensembles.  The following chart details these figures:   According to this information, and average ROPA ensemble music director earns 741% more than a musician earning an average base salary.  That’s an additional 100% more than ICSOM music directors earn over base musicians. This …

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Reassessing the Music Director Part 1

In yesterday’s article, I wrote about the large discrepancy between the average music director and base musicians.  The following chart lists those discrepancies in detail: Sorry, but this chart will only be available in the Adaptistration Compensation Report publication – coming soon! Keep in mind that these figures are from tax forms filed mostly in 2002.  Since that time, several ensembles have undergone a change in music director leadership, such as …

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More Clever Aussie’s

I wasn’t planning to post anything today, but I just ran across this article today in the Adelaide Advertiser about a new software program that allows music students to play along with an orchestra.  For those of us who remember a play along with a recording system called Music Minus one, it seems to be much like that.  But instead of being limited to only performing concertos, you can play an actual …

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A Constructive Side To Controversy

They say everything happens in groups of threes, and to help fulfill that adage we have this season’s third brouhaha surrounding dismissal issues for a music director. This time we go to the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra in La Crosse, WI where according to an article by Terry Rindfleisch in the La Crosse Tribune the LCSO’s conductor, Amy Mills, will serve her last season as music director following next year’s concert …

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