Are You Looking For A Marketing Or Development Position?

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I don’t typically point out job openings here at Adaptistration but today will be an exception to the rule thanks to an unusual set of circumstances that managed to produce not one, but two openings inside an organization for all the right reasons. In this instance, the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO) is looking for a Marketing and Communications Manager as well as a Development and Specials Events Manager. These openings …

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Crawling Into The Minds Of Millennials

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In what often feels like an out of control, downhill tumble in the search for Millennial ticket buyers, the orchestra field routinely implements a variety of efforts to survey, analyze this demographic but sometimes, they show up right on your doorstep with everything you want to know. Case in point, Sarah Vansandt is a Millennial age producer, director, and editor who holds a bachelor of science degree in Communication with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism and …

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Quality Culture Offerings Is Deal-Breaker For Wall Street Journal’s Best Place To Retire

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article by Nancy Henderson, Best Places to Retire: Chattanooga Blends Culture and the Outdoors, on 11/29/2015 that reports the best city in the US to retire is Chattanooga, TN; but the real story, for the orchestra field at least, is how much influence cultural offerings contributed to that conclusion. The article begins with excerpts from an interview with retired Metropolitan Opera Orchestra musician Douglas …

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Are You A Jennifer Higdon Fan?

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A bit of shameless vested interest promotion today in the form of advocating an upcoming performance of Jennifer Higdon’s 2010 Pulitzer-prize winning Violin Concerto on March 12, 2015 with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO) featuring their concertmaster, Holly Mulcahy. The vested interest part comes into play because Ms. Mulcahy, in addition to being an extraordinary musician and author of Neo Classical, is also my wife, something regular readers are already …

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Can You Come Up With The Ultimate Orchestra Slogan?

Orchestra slogans can be a slippery slope, remember the dreadful Philadelphia Orchestra “Unexpect Yourself” campaign/slogan from 2010? But when they work, they can really stick and give a nice force multiplier boost to overall ticket sales, awareness, and good old fashioned buzz. To that end, the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO) recently launched a social media call for slogans and/or catchphrases they can use for their 2014/15 season. For now, the …

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