Checking In With The Movement To Improve Workplace Satisfaction

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That last time we examined the value of improving workplace satisfaction within the orchestra field via grassroots efforts, we saw some improvement. Six months later, it is time to see where things are related to your efforts on increasing the quantity and frequency of reviews from arts administrators and staffers about their respective institutions at #Winning Six months ago, there were 17 orchestra and opera organizations with at least one review …

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2015 Orchestra Compensation Reports: The Big Picture

2015 Compensation Reports The Big Picture

Too Much Information! For the past few years, one of the most popular items in the orchestra compensation reports is a big picture overview of all compensation alongside Total Expenditure figures and it seems that adding more orchestras in this year’s reports tripped the threshold for how much info the responsive charts could process (those are the nice info tables that rearrange everything into single columns on smaller devices, like Smartphones, …

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2015 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Executives

2015 Compensation Reports Executives

The 2012/13 season continued the overall field-wide trend of heated labor disputes; the Minnesota Orchestra went dark for the entire season while the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra lost most of their season and the Indianapolis Symphony had a shorter, but equally bitter, shutdown. When combined with a higher than normal number of partial year compensation entries among the higher budget orchestras, expanded efforts become necessary in order to process data that …

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Darker Days Ahead In St. Paul

Things are looking bleak at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) where mediated talks conducted under a press blackout have broken down. The SPCO musicians released a statement on 1/17/2013 castigating their employer for what they defined as an “unwillingness to compromise on key issues” and cancelling additional concerts through 3/23/2013. Unfortunately, neither side provided details surrounding the key issues of compensation and artistic control that caused the breakdown, however, an …

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Are Ethics A Lost Cause In The Orchestra Field?

The 10/26/2012 edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly published an article by Woods Bowman titled Nonprofit Accountability and Ethics: Rotting from the Head Down which examines the current state of nonprofit accountability, governance, and responsibility. Although applied to the broader nonprofit field (with particular attention toward charitable nonprofits), key elements from Bowman’s article can be applied to the orchestra field. In the wake of recent and ongoing stakeholder disputes in orchestras such …

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