Performing Gustav Mahler In Abject Squalor

Perhaps classical music isn’t so far removed form cultural consciousness than we thought.  On last evening’s episode of The Simpsons, the town of Springfield’s Cultural Advisory Board determines that the best way to raise their cultural standing compared to their refined neighbors in Shelbyville is to build a new concert hall. To put themselves at the cusp of the cultural edge they contact Frank Gehry to design their hall (Mr. Gehry …

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Double Reed Musicians: Armed and Dangerous

In response to the Friday’s post about an orchestra memo banning firearms in the workplace I received this note from oboist and blogger Patty Mitchell, NO firearms to rehearsals or runouts? Geesh. They sure take the fun out of everything! (But they can’t take away our reed knives.) Patty is always successful at making me smile.  And for those of you who have been writing in asking if that memo really …

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Looking Ahead To April

April promises to be a month chocked full of great issues: An examination of Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s 10 year strategic plan including an in depth interview with DSO President & CEO Fred Bronstein. A fascinating discussion with a fascinating individual in this business, Richard Kessler. We’ll discuss issues related to executive oversight, board development & governance, and his work with the Center for Arts Education and the American Music Center. A …

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