Rubbernecking On The Information Superhighway

There’s a great comment-based discussion going on between last week’s post at The Artful Manager and a post form this week’s Adaptistration. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t a convenient way to tie in all of this great discussion in one neat and tidy format, so I’ll just do this instead…

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The Professor Speaks

My AJ Blog colleague, Andrew Taylor, posted an entry last week in which he shares his views from the mock negotiation session I conducted with the students from his MBA program (I posted a series of articles about the experience, the first of which you can find here). Andrew took a wonderfully hands-off approach to the mock negotiation session and his 3rd party perspective presented in his blog is worth the read. I was particularly intrigued by a couple of Andrew’s observations…

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80% Seems Like A Clear Majority

Peter Dobrin’s article from the 11/16/06 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Philadelphia Orchestra music director, Christoph Eschenbach, told the musicians he was informed that 80% of the “musicians did not agree with his artistic interpretations” and the same percentage “left concerts feeling great anger”…

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