Some Good Questions On The Value Of Free

Yesterday’s article examining the value and impact of a free concert series like the Grant Park Music Festival produced a question from Charles, a professional orchestra musician, who asked “…how many of the people who attend the free concerts come back and pay money for tickets. The Knight study showed that very few people who come to free concerts will pony up for the paid ones…Word from our development department is that there is little to zero draw from these concerts to the concert hall.” Good question Charles…

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Little To No Value? I Don’t Think So…

It never ceases to astonish me how many managers (and even some musicians) have expressed the opinion that free concerts have little to no value. Nevertheless, when implemented properly, free concerts have the potential to do more for developing an audience and raising the level of appreciation for live orchestral music than just about any other tool available today. Case in point, the Grant Park Music Festival featuring the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus…

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Music Directors and Age: An Adaptistration Survey

Given the number of private messages since Monday’s article about music directors and age, I put together a straightforward five question survey to help gauge what Adaptistration readers feel about music directors and age as well as the qualities they find most important in a music director (regardless of age). So take a fun break out of your day and fill out the survey, it will only take a few moments. …

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