Democracy In Action: An Adaptistration Poll

In the first demonstration of how much control over content management exists at the new Adaptistration, readers will get to decide how comments will be displayed; in either ascending (oldest first) or descending (newest first) order. Since the move to the new server, comments have been posted in descending order (newest first), which is opposite of how they were posted at the old server. As such, some readers have been asking …

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An Initial Look At The Jacksonville Lockout

It was simply too good to last. Although several orchestras which teetered on the brink of work stoppages this season managed to pull back in the 11th hour, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra found itself toppling over the edge this week when the organization’s management canceled an upcoming concert and all related rehearsals…

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Conductor Smack Down! – Dress Codes

The dynamic duo over at Sticks and Drones have come up with a fascinating new series they call “Conductor Smack Down!” In this series, blog authors Bill Eddins and Ron Spigelman square off over specific issues while allowing readers to take sides or take issue via comments. In the inaugural Smack Down, Bill and Ron tackle issues related to dress codes and concert attire: Read Bill’s Article Read Ron’s Article

Tangentially Related

Although the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike isn’t directly related to the orchestra business, the core issue they are striking over is. At the heart of the matter is what sort of share will writers get of revenue from new media. In this business the revenues simply haven’t been large enough to necessitate any serious considerations by any players’ association or management to induce a work stoppage but in Hollywood, it is a different story…

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Enough Already With The Audition Nonsense!

Adaptistration People 120

The 11/11/2007 edition of the New York Times published an article by Anthony Tommasini’s which features an interview between the author and Marin Alsop. Since its publication, the article has been making the usual rounds inside the business due to Alsop’s comments regarding auditions. In that article Tommasini quotes Alsop as saying the process of blind auditions (where candidates perform behind a screen) is “fundamentally flawed.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, her comments have …

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