Free For The Taking

If you haven’t been following Jason Heath’s "A Week in the Life" series of posts at Arts Addict then you’re missing out. I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again; Jason’s ability to present an unfiltered, honest look at the life of a gig musician is simply unparalleled. The real bonus here is that what he writes is equally useful for managers as well as musicians…

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Make A Fortune In Virtual Cash

Do you enjoy the fictional world of the fantasy blog stock market? If so, you’re likely involved with one of the most entertaining and longest running offerings available, The self described market where players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs has been up and running since 2003 and now attracts more than 50,000 visitors per month. Regardless if you have an account or not, I have a hot tip that will likely pay off ten-fold in the coming months…

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It’s Time For Some Cross-Blogging

One of the most appealing aspects of blogging is the ability to riff on an idea or topic initiated by a blogging colleague. To a large extent, that’s one of the reasons Inside The Arts was established. Locating several cultural blogs in closely aligned fields of performing arts at one hub will hopefully increase the likelihood of cross-blogging discussions. Ideally, cross-blogging topics will gain enough mass to attract some of the other heavenly bodies in the greater cultural blogging universe. Consequently, I wanted to take a post to weigh in on some of the fascinating topics making the rounds through my Inside The Arts blogging neighbors…

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They Pay You For Something That’s Fun?

In her recent article at The
Partial Observer, Holly Mulcahy examines why she feels it is time to stop
feeling guilty for being a musician. The piece reminded me of the wonderful Take A Friend To Orchestra contribution
from Jim Palermo which starts off with the line “A few years ago it dawned on
me that I was becoming apologetic about working in the arts.” Jim went on to say
that he has vowed to stop apologizing for loving and understanding classical
music and Holly’s piece
adopts a similar tone but from the perspective of a performer…

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