Examining Dynamic Reactions At Columbus

Although the news is barely one week old, patron reaction to the proposed budget cuts at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra have been intriguing. Sources for public response include the Columbus Dispatch, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and several blogs and social networking groups. Typically, community response includes a small amount of very opinionated voices on both sides of issues with the bulk of individuals falling somewhere in-between. However, since the issue broke last week, the overwhelming majority of voices seem to be speaking out against the proposed cuts…

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An Adaptistration Poll: Strategic Planning

How important do you think it is for a strategic planning
process to include input from the organization’s artistic stakeholders, (conductors
and ensemble musicians)? Should the board determine financial prospects first
and then allow voices from the artistic stakeholders to offer input in the planning process? Is
it appropriate for artistic stakeholders to express public dissatisfaction with
a strategic plan? Weigh in on these issues with today’s Adaptistration poll on
strategic planning…

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Back To The Future In Columbus

The nice thing about getting old is history makes a nice cushion to fall on. That’s exactly the case here at Adaptistration when it comes to recent events at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Going back to 2004 when the Columbus Symphony Orchestra had their last negotiation (a reopener), the organization was asking musicians for substantial cuts due to revenue shortfalls resulting from, among other problems, severe accounting errors…

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Junichi Hirokami: Leading From The Front In Columbus

Before everyone starts to draw parallels between recent events at the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and what is unfolding at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, I think it is worthwhile to point out one significant distinction with regard to the approach each orchestra’s respective music director has opted to pursue following a series of proposed budget cuts… In the case of Jacksonville, their music director, Fabio Mechetti, decided to remain out of the …

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