A New Way To Look Before You Leap

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times published an article about an interactive seating chart tool being developed for the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s website. Called Seat Buddy, the online tool promises to let website users get a better look at the inside of the concert hall as well as what Seat Buddy’s founder described in the article as the hall’s depth…

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Examining Columbus’ Master Agreement Part 2

Following the previous article in this set, I received an email from a reader expressing confusion over some of the provisions in the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) master agreement which pertain to full time positions not provided for by name. In particular she wondered how a musician can have a full time position but not have that position protected by name in the master agreement. In short, the 22 CSO musicians who have full time contacts for positions which are not provided for by name are still afforded the same guaranteed employment status from one season to the next as are the full time positions for by name. Here’s how it works…

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