A Marketing Professional’s Dream

The story is a shorter, modern day real-life Red Violin: a confirmed Stradivarius more or less fades from public attention for 40 years only to resurface in a bank vault practically across the street from a major symphony orchestra. This is precisely the case with the Lipinski Stradivarius violin and Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) concertmaster, Frank Almond…

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New Inside The Arts Platform Is Now Active

I am very excited to announce that the first blog of the planned InsideTheArts.com platform upgrade is now active. Jason Heath’s Arts Addict is the first to sport the new look. In addition to a redesigned interface, the new platform offers vastly improved functionality and all sorts of goodies for users, many of which will be unrolled over the next few weeks. By the end of September, non divisi, Scanning The …

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Quick Cash Dilemma In Honolulu

It is tough to ignore things that happen in threes and that is exactly the case this week with the Honolulu Symphony. First, Joe Patti posted an article about recent events, the Honolulu Weekly posted an article about the orchestra’s recent financial troubles amidst optimistic artistic gals, and then the orchestra musicians distributed a special edition of their newsletter to promote their opening concerts this weekend. Amid all of the unpleasantness from some orchestras over recent months, it is good to see that that Honolulu is holding on…

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Prelude To The Annual Orchestra Website Review

As mentioned last month, the annual Orchestra Website Review is taking place a few weeks later than normal this year but the upside is it provides a bit more time to prepare, which is a good thing because a cursory review of many websites indicates that quite a few changes have taken place since last season.  However, before the reviewing period begins in earnest, I wanted to solicit any suggestions as …

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