Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Ass On The Way Out

The 9/28/08 edition of the Columbus Dispatch published another article about the post-agreement environment within the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) and yet again, certain members of the CSO leadership demonstrated they still suffer from foot-in-mouth disease…

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The Cure For Capthca

Captcha is the method used by most websites to prevent spam by creating a challenge test to ensure a response is not generated by a computer. The predominant method is to create a series of alpha-numeric characters that a user must enter in order to submit a form or blog comment. Personally, I hate them but they are a necessary evil; however, Adaptistration users can avoid the CAPTCHA beast when submitting comments by becoming a registered user…

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I Have Two Words For You: Body Double

Anthony Tommasini’s article in the 9/17/08 edition of the New York Times on the increase of nudity in opera productions got me thinking. Nudity in opera is nothing new, especially in Europe, so why Americans are making such a big deal about it is just another testament to contemporary American cultural values and why are so many singers leaping onto the nudity bandwagon…

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Website Reviews: A Word To The Wise

Today marks your orchestra’s final opportunity to make sure its website is ready for the 2008 Orchestra Website Reviews. In particular, it would be wonderful to see each organization make certain they do everything they can to make sure they meet the following criteria to improve the three sub categories which garnered the lowest average scores from the 2007 reviews…

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