Call To Action: Stop SOPA

For the last several weeks, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has become a hot topic of debate within the House Judiciary Committee. In a nutshell, SOPA is a proposed law lobbied for and supported by a large conglomerate of media organizations and sponsored by Representative Lamar Smith (R TX). On one hand, the law is addressing something of real concern; online piracy. One the other hand, its solution is akin to killing the patient to cure the disease.

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What Executive Directors are Looking For In A Music Director

Wanted: Youthful, yet experienced, world class conductor who possesses commanding grasp of all traditional, modern, and pops orchestra styles whose mere artistic gravitas is capable of inspiring musicians to accept work concessions. Applicant must demonstrate previous success with charming big buck$ out of donors, corporate types, and politicians. Candidates who respect executive authority and resist temptation to challenge board decisions are encouraged to apply. Residency required.

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Things Are Better With A Companion Goldfish

One more day of vacation left but I wanted to post a quick pic of the “companion goldfish” in our room at the Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria. They’re available on request and what a terrific idea (it’s a pet friendly hotel to begin with); it’s a great way to add a little something extra. No moral to the story here; just something fun and different.

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