Thursday News Roundup

It’s been another eventful week. The Boston Symphony Orchestra announced that music director James Levine will be stepping down as of 9/1/2011 but no word on emeritus status while in New York City, the Metropolitan Opera says “Levine intends to fulfill his schedule here for the remainder of this season and in future seasons”…

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Life After Near Death In Detroit?

Yesterday’s announcement from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) musicians about their willingness to return to work without a contract is the closest thing the group has had to hope in some time. But before everyone begins rejoicing, there are conditions in the form of both sides agreeing to binding arbitration as a means to an end for the five month old strike…

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Breaking News From Detroit: Musicians Propose Returning To Work

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Musicians (DSO) issued a press statement at 1:00pm ET today stating they intend to hold a press conference at 2:00pm ET to announce that they are proposing to return to work under the conditions DSO management imposed in October that initiated the strike (last updated 6:50pm ET)…

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Musicians Behaving Badly?

Adaptistration People 120

The 2/28/2011 edition of the Boston Herald published a review by Keith Powers of a performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) or Mahler’s Ninth. What makes the review unusual doesn’t have anything to do with the music so much as what Powers wrote about behavior he observed in the violin section. More to the point, behavior he defined as “disturbing”… According to Powers, members of the BSO violin section engaged …

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