April Is Take A Friend To The Orchestra Month!

The 2011 Take A Friend To The Orchestra (TAFTO) program begins in a few weeks; although it is set to begin on Monday, 4/18/2011 the exact publication schedule is still being determined as we try to balance the need for TAFTO space next to the need for reviewing labor dispute related current events. Nonetheless, 2011 promises to be another fantastic year. So between now and the onset of TAFTO contributions, get your empowerment on by organizing your own TAFTO related events via social media or good old fashioned get-togethers…

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Those Tickets You Bought? Yeah, They Were Non Refundable

It looks Like Syracuse Symphony Orchestra (SSO) went from celebrating fundraising success to cancelling the remaining season in the space of just under two months. Moreover, an article from the 3/29/2011 edition of the Syracuse Post Standard by Melinda Johnson reports that SSO Interim Executive Director Paul Brooks that the organization will not refund ticket purchases for cancelled events…

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Back To Deadlines In Detroit

According to a press release from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) musicians dated Monday, 3/28/2011 the DSO has issued a deadline of Friday, April 1, 2011 to reach a settlement or the 2011 summer season will be no more. However, there are mixed messages coming from sources on both sides regarding the details of progress on key issues related to the nearly six month long strike…

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Quicklink To Louisville

A weekend of Seattle followed by Los Angeles and back to Chicago this morning means a quickpost over to an article in last week’s Louisville Courier-Journal by Elizabeth Kramer that reports the Louisville Orchestra’s request for a deadline to their reorganization plan was partially granted…

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Gradus ad Parnassum


So we’ve all agreed that community outreach should be guided by a clear knowledge of our audiences, our playing should touch people at a deep level and we should build on this knowledge and experience to strengthen our relationships with the people in our community – and we’ve thrown out the idea of models – we’re going to build the orchestra and relationships that are perfect for our own communities. Everyone’s nodding, right?

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