TAFTO 2012 Contribution: Paul Helfrich

TAFTO 2012 Paul Helfrich

I’m pleased to be part of TAFTO for 2012. I have to admit, though, I’ve often been a bit cynical about the endeavor. A lot of past contributions seem to fall in one of two camps. The first group typically focuses on the evangelical power of classical music, its ability to effect sudden conversions in listeners of a quasi-religious nature. These usually feature stories of truck drivers and jackhammer operators with tears in their eyes upon hearing their first classical concert. I call these “exceptions that prove the rule,” because we all know that oftentimes, a first exposure to a classical music concert does not bring about such an immediate conversion; in fact, sometimes the opposite happens, and is probably more likely.

TAFTO 2012 Contribution: George Daugherty

TAFTO 2012 Contribution George Daugherty

For the past 23 years, I have conducted these crazy concerts called Bugs Bunny on Broadway and Bugs Bunny at the Symphony, where we pair the greatest symphony orchestras in the world with an evening full of Looney Tunes projected on a big screen above the orchestra, and do all the great classical music/classic animation send-ups like What’s Opera, Doc?, The Rabbit of Seville, Rhapsody Rabbit, et al, with their incomparable Carl Stalling rollercoaster-ride, heart-pounding original scores played live.

Close To A Deal In Louisville?

We wouldn’t normally have back-to-back Louisville articles here unless there was something sincerely important to report but since next week’s schedule is assigned to Take A Friend To The Orchestra week contributions, it seemed fair to post a little something today about the potential for a deal emerging from Louisville within the next week.

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International Touring c. 1912: Better Late Than Never

Recently, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) launched a Twitter account that is publishing diary entries from timpanist Charles Turner during the orchestra’s 1912 United States and Canada tour. It has been loads of fun reading the Twitter size excerpts and all things being equal, it seems as though the orchestra is keeping the Tweets synced with actual dates and times from the original tour schedule.

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