#TBT You Have To Know The Past To Understand The Present, Baltimore Symphony Edition

One of the unique byproducts of having an archive with nearly 4,000 articles over 16 years is you tend to write about most topics and organizations at least once. In some cases, a lot more than once. One such example is the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO). The BSO has appeared in no less than 36 articles as far back as 2003 (37, if you count today’s post). Since they’re headed toward …

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Classical Music News Can Show Up In The Strangest Of Places

While reading an article in the 9/12/18 edition of the Washington Post about South Korean military service evasion crime, I was surprised to see that topic intersect classical music. As an example, the article cited an attempt by 12 conservatory students to evade conscription.  This week, South Korea’s Military Manpower Administration said that a group of 12 college students studying classical music in Seoul tried to gain a huge amount of …

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The Habits Of Successful Young Arts Admin Professionals

Adaptistration People 020

One aspect of #NAMPC 2013 I neglected to mention was just how enjoyable it is to mingle with a broad cross section of professionals at different career stages; which is merely a polite way to say that there was a wide variety of newbies, mid-carrier, and veteran arts pros in attendance. It’s especially enjoyable to interact with the 20-somethings, now more than ever because the post-downturn crop of inductees is very …

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The Most Adorable Bunch Of Tiny White Guys. Ever.

On 1/15/2013, ABC7 News in Chicago broadcast a segment by Frank Mathie about a new exhibit of the 100 year old miniature Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO), created by famous miniaturist Frances Glessner Lee as her first large scale project. Lee’s parents were plankowner angel donors to the CSO in its early years and the 75 member mini-CSO was a gift for Lee’s mother in 1913. Of particular interest is the amount …

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The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Each Other

There’s an absolutely fascinating discussion going on as the result of a 7/2/2012 blog post from Diane Ragsdale. I plan to cover the main topic of that post at a later date but one of the ancillary issues stemming from the discussion worth your attention is what appears to be the onset of a budget size based caste system within the theater field.

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