Classical Music News Can Show Up In The Strangest Of Places

While reading an article in the 9/12/18 edition of the Washington Post about South Korean military service evasion crime, I was surprised to see that topic intersect classical music. As an example, the article cited an attempt by 12 conservatory students to evade conscription.  This week, South Korea’s Military Manpower Administration said that a group of 12 college students studying classical music in Seoul tried to gain a huge amount of …

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Calling All Orchestra Musician Veterans

Who out there knows what conscription is? Now, how many of you know what sort of impact conscription had on the US orchestra field? My guess is not very many of you raised your hand and among those who did, you’re probably over age 58. Okay, the rest of you can go ahead and Google it, then come back. [Before they return, let me say that you’re one of the lucky ones for already knowing]…

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