NYTimes Sends Regional Arts Coverage Gently Into That Goodnight

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The 8/31/2016 edition of deadline.com published an article by Jeremy Gerard that reports the New York Times (NYT) has phased our regional arts and culture coverage in the New York tristate region. The opening paragraph packs a powerful punch by underscoring the likely negative outcomes. The New York Times this week quietly ended its coverage of restaurants, art galleries, theaters and other commercial and nonprofit businesses in the tri-state region, laying off dozens of …

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Well This Is Handy: Rating Airline Instrument Carry-On Policies

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The International Federation of Musicians (FIM), not to be confused with the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), recently launched a webpage that rates major airline musical instrument carry-on policies (h/t MusicalAmerica.com). Perhaps unsurprisingly, most don’t fare well. According to FIM, the information used to create the ratings came directly from each airline’s website and as anyone with a degree in public administration will be happy to point out, the gulf separating …

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