Tap Into The Click. Click. Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills Microsite

Click Click Done Microsite

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that providing a dedicated micro-site for presentations and lectures is a terrific way to enhance the learning environment. That was exactly the case with the 2016 Arts Midwest pre-conference session Click. Click. Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills and I’m pleased to share the site with Adaptistration readers. Given that the session was four-and-a-half hours long, this microsite focused more on providing supporting content …

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An Updated Look At Top-Tier Musician Compensation 2016

Currently, two of the top eight orchestras with the highest base musician annual salary are negotiating new collective bargaining agreements: National Symphony and Philadelphia Orchestra. Interestingly enough, both of these ensembles are in positions where the outcome of those negotiations will likely have a larger impact on their future competitiveness than some of the upcoming negotiations for their peers. In order to visualize these distinctions, here’s a chart illustrating the current …

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And Then That Happened


I’m away at the 2016 @ArtsMidwest conference today but want to quickly point out two items of notes related to substitute parity (paying substitute musicians an equal per-service rate as their salary based colleagues). Regular readers know the topic of equal pay for equal work among orchestra musicians is a popular topic and one ongoing curiosity throughout those articles is a complete reticence by spokespersons from orchestra player associations, player conferences, …

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Tensions Build In Philadelphia Orchestra Negotiations

Adaptistration People 149

One item we missed last week was an article about growing tensions in the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) collective bargaining negotiations. Written by Peter Dobrin and published in the 9/8/2016 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the article provides a glimpse of what’s happening at that orchestra’s bargaining table. The article has a few items of note worth pointing out: The Kaiser Report is an expensive dust collector. The contract about to …

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Off To Milwaukee And The 2016 @ArtsMidwest Conference

Adaptistration People 152a

I’m en route today to Milwaukee for the 2016 Arts Midwest conference (@ArtsMidwest) where I’ll be taking part in the Click. Click. Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills pre-conference session on Tuesday, 9/13/2016. Joining me on the panel are two colleagues I am always thrilled to work with: Ceci Dadisman and Marc van Bree. The session has already generated a great deal of interest and they are allowing attendees to sign up through today or until …

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