Some Early Details About San Francisco Symphony’s New Real Estate Equity Sharing Clause

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Back in November, 2018 we first heard about a new component in the recently ratified San Francisco Symphony collective bargaining agreement (CBA) designed to offset the cost of housing in San Francisco. According to inside sources, the exact language for that term were to be worked out post-negotiation. At the time, details were scarce but we’re starting to see some information emerge, such as this description from the musicians’ settlement bulletin (a …

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What’s All This About A Housing Allowance?

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In response to Wednesday’s article about the new housing shared equity program in the San Francisco Symphony’s (SFS) new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), a number of readers reached out asking about the similar program at the LA Philharmonic I referenced. It’s a straightforward item in the LA Phil’s CBA, Article 13.K: Housing Allowance: On regularly scheduled paydays that follow the close of each payroll period during the Term of this Agreement …

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San Francisco Symphony Settles

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According to an article by Janos Gereben in the 11/27/2018 edition of the San Francisco Classical Voice, the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) and its musicians ratified a new collective bargaining agreement that takes it through the 2011/22 season. The ink is wet enough that details are pretty thin but one item mentioned in the article worth noting is a new component to offset the cost of housing in San Francisco (emphasis …

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Top-Tier Musician Compensation 2018

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It’s time to revisit base musician compensation levels at the top eight highest paying orchestras. For a number of these orchestras, the 2017/18 season marks the end of their existing collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and they have yet to ratify a new contract. In each of those instances, the outcomes will have a large impact on what many orchestra musicians consider their organization’s ability to compete for the best on-stage talent. …

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Big Budget CEO Openings: One Down, Two To Go


The San Francisco Symphony recently announced that Mark Hanson has been appointed as their new Executive Director (ED). Wasting no time, Hanson is officially reporting for the new post on September 1, 2017. Fun fact: Hanson will be the SFS’s first executive leader from outside the organization in 39 years. Peter Pastreich served in that role from 1978-1999 and the organization’s previous ED worked as his General Manager from 1990-1994, then …

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