Why Yes, Genuine User Endorsements Do Exist

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Every now and then, a fun project falls in your lap and last fall, I had the pleasure of shooting a promo video for the email client I use, Postbox. They ended up shooting the entire thing on-site in my office and talking shop with the Postbox Founder and VP of Product Management, Sherman Dickman, was as much fun as shooting the footage. The filmmaker was Brian Artka from Size43 Creative; we …

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What Happens When A Contract Expires?

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Just because the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between an orchestra and its musicians expires doesn’t mean the organization necessarily comes to a screeching halt. Although it certainly adds an additional layer of pressure to negotiations, in most cases, the employer continues paying wages and benefits under the terms of the expired agreement until a new agreement is ratified or imposed. And that’s exactly how the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) describes …

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Is Global Warming Something Orchestras Have To Worry About?

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The 9/3/2016 edition of the New York Times (NYT) published an article by Justin Gillis that reports on the initial stages of coastal flooding resulting from global warming. Normally, this isn’t the usual sort of thing one might associate with the orchestra field; then again, times are far from “normal.” The detailed article examines severe flooding in several cities but one that caught my eye was Norfolk, VA, home to the …

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Negotiation Update 2016

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Most professional orchestra collective bargaining agreements expire during the summer months and since the economic downturn, it is increasingly common to see groups continue negotiating past the current agreement’s expiration date. A decade ago, that used be cause for alarm but in today’s environment, it is practically standard operating procedure assuming groups don’t manage to wrap things up months in advance. Last season witnessed nearly a dozen middle to large budget …

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Expanding the Horizon


Over the weekend, I finally had the time to roll out a number of new improvements at ArtsHacker.com. Since its launch in December, 2015 the site has grown a great deal and all of the new content and features needed an enhanced layout and design in order to make it easier for users to find everything. The biggest improvement is the addition of a mega menu, which provides much needed improvement …

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