Would We Still Bill The Titanic Musicians For Missing Uniforms?

Adaptistration People 019

Today marks the 105-year anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic and well before the movie launched the disaster into new levels of cultural consciousness, examining the historical event was a major stepping stone from my conservatory years. Specifically, one of the school’s ear training professors used to keep a framed photo of the musicians as a conversation piece to introduce students to the importance of valuing what artists contribute. …

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Get Your 501(c)(3) On

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It’s been awhile since personally going through the process of filing for nonprofit status and on one hand, it’s pretty much the same as its always been. At the same time, it’s so nice to have so many readily available resources; even state and federal documentation is much better than it was a decade ago. Speaking of resources, the Legal category alone at ArtsHacker has a number of great posts (quite …

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Low Hanging Fruit Wednesday


It turns out Funny Or Die remembered that United Airlines made a commercial using a symphonic orchestra to convey how well each of their individual corporate pieces works together and decided it was an ideal petard on which to hoist the company. The end result spliced in footage from the recent incident where the airline had airport security forcibly remove a passenger who declined an invitation to be re-accommodated with the …

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You Had Me At “Pretty Shoes”

Nice Shoes

Patrons love learning seeing what goes on behind the scenes, whether its learning how music librarians dodge incoming fire or the complexities of equal pay for equal work among musicians. Case in point, Holly Mulcahy published an article at Neo Classical that examines what a concertmaster does. In addition to the typical duties and responsibilities, the post examines much of the unwritten requirements that go with the job. “And here I …

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Are Audiences A Reflection Or Projection Of What We Want?

Reflection or Projection

There’s an interview with outgoing San Francisco Symphony (SFS) executive director Brent Assink written by Mark MacNamara in the 4/4/2017 edition of the San Francisco Classical Voice that’s worth your time. Although there’s plenty of topic fodder, one area worth examining for today is the section on outreach to African-American communities. Here’s an excerpt of that entire section: However, one community that has been out of reach is the African-American community. …

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