Granny’s On The Grift? Tell Me It Isn’t So.

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There’s a fascinating article by Joe Patti at ArtsHacker that examines the problems related to just how easy it is for employees, even volunteers, to embezzle from nonprofit performing arts organizations. I can’t think of a year that’s gone by since Adaptistration started where there weren’t one or more instances of an employee stealing from the institution. Every couple months the treasurer tells our board of directors how easy it would …

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Throwback Thursday: Music Director Compensation

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We’re about two months away from the latest installment in the annual orchestra compensation reports so I thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at the music director installment from last year’s series. If you recall, this was one of the biggest bombshells in the entire series history in that it reported Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s (DSO) music director Jaap van Zweden’s bank-busting $5,110,538 annual compensation. Michael Granberry …

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Where You Think Links Should Open Could Be Influenced By Your Age

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One of the regular conversations I have with Venture Platform clients is how to handle the default target for where links open: new tab or same tab. Prior to the mobile device age, a common practice would be to have links pointing to internal website pages open in the same tab while outbound links open in a new tab. If you’re a manager of a certain age, that’s likely what you …

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Please Don’t Bait The Composers…Okay, Maybe Just A Little

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It started with an innocent Facebook post from composer Jim Stephenson who was wondering if composers of old would have made it in today’s environment and evolved into a trending hashtag on Twitter. An honest question for you all:Would the music of so many long-ago greats have survived if they knew that they only had 10 seconds to impress via audio/video recording? Posted by Jim Stephenson on Monday, April 17, 2017 It’s …

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Updated Data For The Dead White Guy Programming Table

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Over the weekend, composer and arts administrator Rob Deemer sent along the latest update to his list of programming data for the 2017/18 season and the ratio of works (both percent and number) of dead-white-guys to living, women, and non-white composers. The latest figures includes an update for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra figures. See the updated charts at the original article. Granted, Deemer’s data is for a sample of ensembles …

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