The Pandemic’s Impact On Us Vs. Them Syndrome

There’s a fascinating article in the 10/26/21 edition of the Pittsburgh-Gazette by Jeremy Reynolds that examines the impact vaccination mandates are having on Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) musicians. Like many nonprofit performing arts organizations, the PSO adopted vaccination requirements for all artist employees and Reynolds’ article dives into some of the resulting conflict among some musicians refusing to be vaccinated. The article does an excellent job at making clear the requirement …

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Forget New Normal, Just Focus On The New

There’s an excellent article by Tim Diovanni and Jerome Weeks in the 10/18/21 edition of The Dallas Morning News that examines the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s (DSO) decision to maintain all of the broadcast equipment they invested in over the pandemic. They used that equipment to produce virtual events and I’m thrilled to see the organization make the decision to integrate recordings and broadcast as part of their offerings. Ideally, the DSO …

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You Don’t See This Every Day

We live in interesting times which means we get to see a lot of interesting things. Case in point, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra announced an event on April 30 and May 1 that will not only include members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra but serve as a benefit for the Met Orchestra Musician fund and relief for Dallas-Fort Worth Musicians. If someone told me 18 months ago that a large budget …

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Not Everyone Is Cancelling

There’s nothing quite like a topic grenade to round out the week. Today’s entry comes from Fort Worth where the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) recently announced they intend to produce live, indoor concert events in the fall with heavily reduced audiences and strict social distancing rules. Before anyone decides to jump on the pro/con bandwagon, think back to June when we looked at efforts underway at the Dallas Symphony to …

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A Glimpse Into Life Back In The Hall

If you have any friends or colleagues in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) I highly recommend you start following them closely on social media. The DSO is one of the handful of orchestras getting back into the hall for performance activity. Perhaps unsurprisingly, musicians and staff have been posting firsthand accounts across social media of what that actually looks. The result is a fascinating glimpse into what sorts of precautions are …

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