Project RESTART-19 Begins To Publish Findings

Since it was announced in the Spring, we’ve been following the large scale German study, Project RESTART-19, a multi-disciplinary research effort in Germany to identify conditions necessary to safely restart live performance events. The group began releasing results from their study at the end of October with a kick-off press briefing on October 29, 2020. While the project’s website includes quite a few videos from that event, none are in English. Having …

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Even More Research Into Making Concert Halls Safe

There’s a fascinating interview in the 9/25/2020 edition of, NPR Utah, where host Caroline Ballard examines a recently completed project by a team at the University of Utah led by scientists Tony Saad and James Sutherland that studied Abravanel Hall’s airflow to help identify risk for musicians in the Utah Symphony. You can listen to the full interview at the radio station’s website, but a few bits that jumped out …

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Not Everyone Is Cancelling

There’s nothing quite like a topic grenade to round out the week. Today’s entry comes from Fort Worth where the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) recently announced they intend to produce live, indoor concert events in the fall with heavily reduced audiences and strict social distancing rules. Before anyone decides to jump on the pro/con bandwagon, think back to June when we looked at efforts underway at the Dallas Symphony to …

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German Researches Plan Live Event To Study COVID-19 Transmission

This could be one of the most important studies in the next month that could help the arts and culture section get back up and running safely with live events sooner than later. The University Medical Center Halle (Saale) have designed a series of live, indoor concert events to “research framework conditions under which such events can be carried out again despite the pandemic without endangering the population take risk.” It sounds like a remarkably …

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