Implementing Water Management On A Flood Zone Armed With Nothing More Than A Spork

Spork This

“Damn it.” This was the thought that crossed my mind at the end of a very long day after realizing I still had to write a blurb for a group post at ArtsHacker about what I’m grateful for as an arts manager. And yes, the group post was my idea in the first place so the whole hoisted by one’s own petard thing was very much at the forefront of my …

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In The Game Of Executive Musical Chairs, Philly Can’t Find Someone To Sit Down

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At a time when both the LA Philharmonic and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra announced new CEOs within the span of one day, the Philadelphia Orchestra continues to be vexed by finding someone to fill their top executive gig. On the other side of that coin, Philly may have pulled out the chair for one or more candidates only to see them walk away. In another context, the timeline for all three …

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Here’s Something Positive Men Can Do To Change The #MeToo Culture

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Fair warning: today’s post is strictly commentary. Among the numerous reasons #MeToo stories exist, is a profound lack of empathy. We can all listen to these stories but putting yourself in someone’s position to understand and share their feelings requires some work. A key component of empathy is seeing others as equals and if you’re a man (even those of you that feel progressive on this topic), do yourself a favor …

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The Oregon Bach Festival’s PR Crisis Just Got Weird

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Just when you thought things were settling into the “quietly fade away” phase, the Oregon Bach Festival’s (OBF) public relations crisis flared right back up. The latest outbreak surrounds a document obtained as part of a public records request from Eugene Weekly. The 11/14/2017 edition of the Eugene Weekly published an article by Bob Keefer which reports the contents of the letter suggest former artistic director Matthew Halls was being investigated …

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#TBT Jason Heath’s Big List Of Classical Music Podcasts

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Today’s Throwback Thursday post is a guest author article from Jason Heath, who compiled a list of classical music podcast blogs. Simply put, Jason is the man when it comes to classical music podcasts; not only does he know where to find the gems, he’s the author of the long running crown jewel, Contrabass Conversations (CC). CC is one of the first real mega-hit classical music podcasts and even if doublebasses …

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