Here’s Something Positive Men Can Do To Change The #MeToo Culture

Fair warning: today’s post is strictly commentary.

Among the numerous reasons #MeToo stories exist, is a profound lack of empathy.

We can all listen to these stories but putting yourself in someone’s position to understand and share their feelings requires some work.

A key component of empathy is seeing others as equals and if you’re a man (even those of you that feel progressive on this topic), do yourself a favor and think about how your Thanksgiving Day unfolds. Is your contribution limited to helping with setting the table and doing some dishes…but only so long as it doesn’t interrupt something else?

The reasons behind historical inequities masquerading as tradition and celebration are numerous. But in the end, accepting a lopsided sexual division of labor around holiday meals is one element in the otherwise larger forces of erosion which relentlessly corrode the foundation of equality.

In turn, even this seemingly innocuous internalization of inequality can manifest into a lack of empathy and/or judgement. Fortunately, the path to making things right can start this week:

If you’re a man and genuinely want to help change the #MeToo environment for the better, take time this Thanksgiving to stop one of the most flagrant acts of entitlement driven inequality by helping to prepare and serve the meal, then clean up afterward.

If you're a man and genuinely want to help change the #MeToo environment for the better, take time this Thanksgiving to stop one of the most flagrant acts of entitlement driven inequality by helping to prepare and… Click to Tweet

About Drew McManus

"I hear that every time you show up to work with an orchestra, people get fired." Those were the first words out of an executive's mouth after her board chair introduced us. That executive is now a dear colleague and friend but the day that consulting contract began with her orchestra, she was convinced I was a hatchet-man brought in by the board to clean house.

I understand where the trepidation comes from as a great deal of my consulting and technology provider work for arts organizations involves due diligence, separating fact from fiction, interpreting spin, as well as performance review and oversight. So yes, sometimes that work results in one or two individuals "aggressively embracing career change" but far more often than not, it reinforces and clarifies exactly what works and why.

In short, it doesn't matter if you know where all the bodies are buried if you can't keep your own clients out of the ground, and I'm fortunate enough to say that for more than 15 years, I've done exactly that for groups of all budget size from Qatar to Kathmandu.

For fun, I write a daily blog about the orchestra business, provide a platform for arts insiders to speak their mind, keep track of what people in this business get paid, help write a satirical cartoon about orchestra life, hack the arts, and love a good coffee drink.

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