Things That Keep Me Up At Night

Last week, the news about a certain west coast orchestra with plans on performing one of the most demanding Mahler symphonies as their post-pandemic season opener arrived in my inbox. Earlier this month I launched a mini-series examining the dangers of musician injuries if an orchestra attempts this type of programming without first allocating time to allow musicians to reacclimate to those types of demands. Think of it as a type …

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We’re 65% Of The Candidate Resume Launch Goal!

I am thrilled to see how quick resume submissions are coming in for the new candidate database at Arts Admin Jobs. I was expecting it to take two-three weeks but at this rate, we could reach the goal by the end of week one! Employers: Get On The Launch List In order to access this talent, employers will need an annual subscription, which go on sale once we cross the launch …

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

There’s a superb video from violinists Brett Yang and Eddy Chen of TwoSet Violin where the duo takes the bold step of calling out a pair of dubious practices inside the world of string instrument dealers. Yang and Chen deserve a great deal of credit for speaking out on this topic and while issues run far deeper than their video examines, the topics they focus on are certainly of paramount importance. …

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A Year Wiser With Remote Working

Joe Patti beat me to the punch with his blog post yesterday that references an article by Rani Molla in the 3/23/21 edition of that reports on some research from various academic and corporate sources. What really jumps out at me are the way data is used to confirm or refute assumptions, such as younger age groups would be more inclined to want to continue working from home thanks to …

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Candidate Resumes Are Officially A Thing At Arts Admin Jobs

Thanks to the very strong response from everyone about the idea of including job seeker resumes at Arts Admin Jobs, I decided to get that out sooner than later. There were some fabulous ideas in the feedback survey that ultimately made it into the final cut, such as the option of including a video and listing languages you speak. You’ll also find an option for indicating where you’re at in a …

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