When “Repressed Joy” Is Your Brand

There’s an absolutely fabulous video making the rounds at Instagram featuring comedian Kimberly Clark in a segment about orchestras…and Gustavo Dudamel. She has quite the fan-crush on Dudamel and while her set is pure gold, there’s more going on that should get your attention. Clark explains how much concerts move her and there’s real sincerity in her delivery. She really likes the way Dudamel’s hair bounces around too but just when …

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Colorado Springs Philharmonic Finds Itself On The AFM’s Unfair List

On 3/11/21 the musicians of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic (CSPhil) issued a press statement announcing the orchestra has been placed on the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) International Unfair List. This decision is the latest waypoint following the employer’s decision to use force majeure to cancel the union contract. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this went over like a lead balloon and since then, tensions have systematically increased. Musicians have volunteered to waive an …

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It’s Time To Get Nonprofit Bids Up And Running

With vaccines rolling out and nonprofit organization’s looking to the future, it’s time to kick Nonprofit Bids back into gear. To that end, I’ve opened up the regular RFP submission form and will continue accepting entries to the provider launch list. Here’s a mockup of what your RFP will look like. Submit Your RFP Speaking of the provider launch list, I fully understand that a year-long wait wasn’t something anyone expected so to …

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Quickbooks Rolls Out Fee Increase During Pandemic

Quickbooks sent users an email on 3/10/21 notifying them the ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment option that allows clients to pay invoices with funds directly from a bank account was going from a no-fee payment option to charging a one percent fee. Even worse is they are only giving users one month advance notice. As a Quickbooks users, I as pretty upset when this email arrived and immediately called their billing …

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Shop Talk S01E14: Musician Injuries Could Soar After COVID: Artistic Decision Makers Perspective

This is the first in a series of podcasts focusing on the topic of what orchestras of all budget size should be considering when planning for post-COVID concert activity. This installment gets right to the heart matter by talking to artistic decision makers. Guests Tito Muñoz, Phoenix Symphony Music Director, and Jennifer Arnold, Richmond Symphony Director of Artistic Planning and Operations, talk about their views on the topic. It is an …

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