Nonprofit Bids Is Up And Running! is officially up and running. The original scope of focusing on nonprofit Request For Proposal (RFP) has been expanded to include lighter project work. Finding the right provider can be challenging for nonprofits. When a project comes up, most nonprofit admins take to social media or ask for colleague recommendations to find a freelancer or firm to take on the work. Spoiler: that’s a lot of leg work and can …

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FREE Provider Directory Listing At Nonprofit Bids

In the wake of how successful candidate resume profiles are at Arts Admin Jobs, I decided to adopt the idea to This move will help expand the original scope of the site to encourage nonprofit arts and culture orgs to use the site not only for posting formal Request For Projects (RFP) but also short term and limited engagement jobs. Having a list of providers will also make it easier …

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It’s Time To Get Nonprofit Bids Up And Running

With vaccines rolling out and nonprofit organization’s looking to the future, it’s time to kick Nonprofit Bids back into gear. To that end, I’ve opened up the regular RFP submission form and will continue accepting entries to the provider launch list. Here’s a mockup of what your RFP will look like. Submit Your RFP Speaking of the provider launch list, I fully understand that a year-long wait wasn’t something anyone expected so to …

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10 Days And Counting To The Launch Of

There’s only 10 days left before the official launch of, a new site that connects arts organizations with service providers for short-term and long-term projects. Currently set to go live on Monday, March 16, the site is now accepting pre-launch RFP submissions directly. When you submit an RFP (it’s free!), you’ll expand your reach and connect with providers that regularly work with arts organizations on projects ranging from grant writing …

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Adaptistration People 053

Joe Patti posted an article yesterday referencing an idea he had a solid decade ago in the form of a procurement platform focused on nonprofits so they could solicit competitive bids for goods and services. If the idea sounds familiar, it’s exactly what will launch in a few weeks in the form of Nonprofit Bids. Sure enough, I dug through my emails from 2010 and found the exchange with Joe. I’m …

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