I’ll See Your Study And Raise You A Proposal

Recently, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) released a report examining how arts and culture institutions that accepted Payroll Protection Program (PPP) handled staff layoffs. It’s a good report and if you’re interested in a deeper dive, you can find some good analysis and commentary from Hakim Bishara at hyperallergic.com and Joe Patti at Butts In The Seats. These initial studies provide useful context for ongoing analysis …

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Making Tough Decisions For Good Reasons

Yesterday, I made the decision to discontinue offering Venture Event Manager as a standalone plugin in the WordPress plugin repository. Not to be confused with the Venture Platform, the managed website development solution for Arts & Culture organizations, these are just the stand-alone WordPress plugins. While the plugin had good traction and the paid upgrade to the Pro version was clearing a profit, it wasn’t a good enough risk-reward reward given the …

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I Wish I Could Say Things Are Better

Back in 2014 I wrote an article about the emergence of strategic decision making that was defined more by extreme voices at either end of a political spectrum than anything else. Keep in mind, this was a full year and half before the 2016 national election. At the time, those extreme voices were still moving from the status of fringe voices, to the tail that wags the dog, to the whole canine. …

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Forget New Normal, Just Focus On The New

There’s an excellent article by Tim Diovanni and Jerome Weeks in the 10/18/21 edition of The Dallas Morning News that examines the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s (DSO) decision to maintain all of the broadcast equipment they invested in over the pandemic. They used that equipment to produce virtual events and I’m thrilled to see the organization make the decision to integrate recordings and broadcast as part of their offerings. Ideally, the DSO …

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You Have How Many Browser Tabs Open?!?!?

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While the number of tabs you can have open simultaneously before your computer begins to slow down depends on your hardware specs, there’s nothing inherently bad about keeping multiple tabs open. In fact, there are plenty of times where you need to open multiple tabs at the same time and if you need to do that regularly, there’s a cool Google Chrome trick you can use to open any number of …

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