It’s Veterans Day

Did you know that the single largest employer of full-time professional musicians is the United States Armed Forces? Set aside some time today to learn more about the ensembles and their missions. The United States Air Force Band The United States Army Band “The Presidents Own” United States Marine Band The United States Navy Band The United States Coast Guard Band

All The Jobs And Candidates In One Platform

Over the last week, there have been 15 new listings at, which brings the total number submitted for November up to 23. That’s only four behind the total for all of October. Currently, there are 33 full time positions, six part time positions, and eight internships across every sector and in every department (except music director and conductor openings). On the other end of the employment coin is the all-time …

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The Latest Example Of An Orchestra Benefitting From The Decision To Maintain Activity Over The Pandemic

As a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to point out an article by Janelle Gelfand in the 11/6/21 edition of the Cincinnati Business Courier that examines the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s (CSO) recently ratified collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Nutshell: The CSO opted against shuttering over the pandemic and instead, the stakeholders worked to find ways to present concert activity as safely as possible. Over the pandemic, the CSO opted for …

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The Pandemic’s Impact On Us Vs. Them Syndrome

There’s a fascinating article in the 10/26/21 edition of the Pittsburgh-Gazette by Jeremy Reynolds that examines the impact vaccination mandates are having on Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) musicians. Like many nonprofit performing arts organizations, the PSO adopted vaccination requirements for all artist employees and Reynolds’ article dives into some of the resulting conflict among some musicians refusing to be vaccinated. The article does an excellent job at making clear the requirement …

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Adaptistration, By The Numbers 2021

As promised, it’s time to take a deep dive into what Google Analytics tells us about the last year. In addition to the 2021 review, I’ve included notes and commentary connected to 2020 data in italics. Audience Number of pages per session went up by 3.73 percent. Overall traffic decreased 7.88 percent. What’s interesting here is there was a clear slide about six weeks after 2020’s pandemic driven layoffs and furloughs …

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