It Makes Me Want To Bang My Head Against The Wall

I read an article in the San Antonio Express-News about how the struggling San Antonio Symphony lost $400,000 in badly needed funds when the organization failed to score a high enough rating as determined by the San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs staff and volunteer panels. The orchestra reportedly scored the lowest in the category of audience development. The article went on to say that newly appointed San Antonio Symphony CEO …

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Unemployed In San Antonio

There has been some good news coming out of the San Antonio Symphony administrative offices lately, such as the announcement last month that they will resume making music on September 17th, 2004 and the securing of a sponsor for some of their children’s concerts. Unfortunately, that’s about all of the good news so far.  Since filing for bankruptcy last May, the orchestra went dark for the 2003-2004 season and stopped paying …

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Seeing Past The Anger

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I recently received a letter from a violist in a Texas orchestra who submitted their letter with the moniker “Pissed Off Violist”.  They had a great deal to rant about: Thank you for your multiple articles on the unbalanced salary issue with Executive Directors and Music Directors.  I am a violist in a medium sized full time orchestra and I resent not only the difference in my salary and our conductor …

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An Interview with Marianne Lockwood Part II

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Welcome back to Part II of our interview with Marianne Lockwood, the Executive Director for the Orchestra of St. Luke’s.   Budget Issues With an annual budget of $4.3 million dollars, St. Luke’s is a mid-sized orchestral organization.  Like many organizations, they try to have a small positive balance at the end of their fiscal year.  Marianne indicated that St. Luke’s must have a 1% surplus at the end of their …

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An Interview with Marianne Lockwood Part I

Adaptistration People 193

Listening to her voice over the phone, you’d never guess that you were talking to a cultural warrior.  Her British accent flows with a composed, steady pulse that gives it a maternal quality.  At the end of 2003, I had the pleasure to talk with Marianne for a few hours discussing her tenure as executive director for the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. I became interested in St. Luke’s and their success …

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