Reader Response: Examining Events At The NJSO

Many readers took the time to respond to the questions posed in the article from December 30th, 2004.  The vast majority of responses were related to the question, “Does owning and using these instruments make the NJSO better than or distinguish it from any other orchestra in the country?” Many of you answered the question not with a “yes” or “no” but instead took the time to convey what you do …

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Sure Sign of Restructure

The recent decision by the Pittsburgh Symphony to cancel their planned European tour doesn’t come as a great surprise.  It’s no secret the orchestra has been in the process of restructuring their finances in order to recover from some hefty losses as well as vamp for the required increase in pay for the musicians. Most of the people I talk to in this business tend to think Pittsburgh isn’t going to …

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Auditioning the St. Louis Symphony

Every time an orchestra announces a vacancy and schedules an audition it’s actually holding a referendum among the world’s professional musicians.  That referendum is whether or not that orchestra is artistically worthy of attracting a certain level of player. On January 3rd and 4th, the St. Louis Symphony had scheduled just such a referendum among the French Horn and Double Bass players in the industry, they had an audition. There are …

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For Those Expecting An Article About The NJSO

Due to the recent developments in Saint Louis I have been unable to finish an article about the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra-Axelrod deal.  For all of the readers who have written in asking about it this week I sincerely apologize but stay tuned, it’s nearly finished and it will be published by next week. THANK YOU for your patience and enthusiasm!