Blogging Chamber Music

This week is Chamber Music America’s 28th Annual National Conference and on Friday, the 13th (yes, I know) I’ll be a panelist for a discussion about how CMA members can use blogs to build an audience and make a connection with their fans. Joining me on the panel are two infinitely entertaining and sharp individuals, Jerry Bowles, Founder/Editor, Sequenza21 and composer, Alex Shapiro…

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Do You Really Think It Is Good For You?

Joe Patti, the blogmeister over at Butts In The Seats, posted an excellent article the other day about some fundamental issues with arts research. In particular, he puts a nice twist on the issues raised by intertwining some of his recent experience with managing his presenting house. A good bit of the qualitative data research these days for arts marketing is, at best, middling and even more troubling is that more …

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The Double Edged Sword Of Anonymity

Given the boom of musician bloggers (and mini-boom of managers who blog) over the last year, it’s inevitable that some of them are going to discover blogs have the potential to help or hurt a career. Over the holiday season I received an interesting email from a reader asking about that very issue…

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