Sometimes, The Solutions Are Right In Front Of Us

Audience development, identifying meaningful ways to connect to the community, and becoming culturally relevant; these are issues which exist at the core of the orchestral field and preoccupy the minds of managers, board members, and musicians alike. Everyone seems to be looking for new ways to extract results from existing methods and resources; but sometimes, the solutions can be right at your fingertips, yet completely out of sight…

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Concert Hall Updates – The Truth Isn’t Always Pretty

Amid the flash and sparkle of Nashville’s gala opening events, I kept reminding myself that they were one organization out of four that belong to the original group of orchestras involved in concert hall projects that have been the focus of attention here at Adaptistration over the past three years…

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The Best Orchestra Website For 2005 Is In Nashville

Not only did the Nashville Symphony Orchestra open up a $123.5 million concert hall to rave reviews at the beginning of this month, they also launched one of the most technologically advanced orchestra websites the business has ever seen. Without a doubt, several components of Nashville’s brand new website will serve as a benchmark for other institutions to follow. But how much did it cost and can other orchestras follow their lead or even expand on what they have created?…

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