Gallery Update

Photographs from my recent trips to Nashville and Phoenix are now available in two new photo albums at Adaptistration’s online gallery. Each album contains a brief description of the trip related to the photos along with links to corresponding articles. Keep in mind that all photographs are copyrighted but you can feel free to request permission to use any of them. Take Me To The Adaptistration Photo Gallery

Growing Storm Or Much To-Do About Nothing?

I am heading to the studios of WBEZ, Chicago [correction, I was actually at the NPR, Chicago Bureau studio] to record an interview with NPR about an issue within the business that is slowing garnering public attention…

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Summing Up My Time At ASU

Adaptistration People 146

I had a wonderful, albeit brief, time talking to the ASU post-graduate orchestral conducting students. The 45 minute exchange turned out to be a concentrated and frank discussion, even by my standards… Of all the lectures and discussions I have conducted with college students over the years, I approached this session with the least structure and preparation. Not out of any disinterest or laziness mind you, but because the subject matter …

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Fogel, Kluger, McAuliffe, Snead, And Prescott?

Arts Journal’s Music News recently featured an article appearing in Musical America which detailed the recent annual conference of the Association of British Orchestras. The article reports that the conference invited Henry Fogel, David Snead, Joseph Kluger, Jack McAuliffe, Kate Prescott to participate as featured participants. In fact, while in the middle of reading the article, a colleague sent me an email message with a subject line of “Oh, come the #@$ on!”

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