Conductors, Conductors, Conductors

There simply doesn’t seem to be any shortage of drama surrounding conductors over the past few seasons. I’m looking forward to my talk this afternoon with Arizona State University’s conducting students. I’ve been told they are a lively bunch and are filled with questions so I’m confident that the session will be anything but dull…

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Off To Arizona

I am in Phoenix the next few days for some work and to talk to the conducting students at Arizona State University. In the meantime, make sure you check out an article featured in yesterday’s AJ Music News about the booming classical music culture in China.

Digging Around In Nashville’s Basement

Back in September when the Schermerhorn Symphony Center opened to the public, the only part of the basement level that was easily accessible was the kitchen. The rest of the space was consumed with ad hoc storage, not yet finished, and generally inaccessible. Skip ahead four months to and some of the space is still being used as ad hoc storage but at least it is all accessible…

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Following Up On The Schermerhorn Symphony Center

While touring through the Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center (SSC) during the gala opening events in September, 2006 I only found a few problems throughout the otherwise superlative building. Nevertheless, I was anxious to discover if those problems have been addressed over the past four months…

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