In Kansas City, Events Are Heating Up

According to an article in the January 5, 2007 edition of the Kansas City Star, Missouri reported that Arts Council Chairman Mike Vangel responded to the lawsuit filed by the Kansas City Symphony calling it “ill-advised” and “baffling.”…

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“The King Is Dead. Long Live The King!”

The Partial Observer published an article of mine today that examines some of the recent changes dealing with the orchestral recording business. Regardless of whether you think recordings are dead or thriving, the article will get you thinking. Take me to the article.

A Little Mission Related Humor

Revising mission statements seems to be all the rage these days and an increasing number of orchestras have accepted the task of forging a multi-syllabic laden treatise to define how they one day hope to see themselves. But creating a mission statement chocked full of language capable of impressing even the most ambitious musicology doctoral candidate isn’t a one-day exercise; until now…

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