“Don’t let Canada become the wasteland that is the Americas”

Today’s title is an excerpt from a reader comment protesting the decision by CBC Radio to disband the CBC Radio Orchestra after November, 2008. Although it’s heartening to read such a passionate reaction in response to eliminating a professional orchestra, I’m not certain if an appropriate response to the comment, as a citizen of the aforementioned wasteland, is "glad we could help" or "go to hell." Passionate rhetoric aside, the 4/1/2008 edition of CBCNews.ca published an article entitled Protesters demand CBC Radio Orchestra be saved which reports on a live demonstration by approximately 150 protesters demanding that CBC Radio rescind its decision to eliminate the CBC Radio Orchestra…

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The Value Of An Involved Music Director

In mid-February of 2008, conductor Bill Eddins posted an excellent article at Sticks and Drones which examines a common disconnect between artistic planning and strategic marketing efforts inside professional orchestras. Bill used an example from his own orchestra, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, to illustrate his point: the title selected by the marketing department for a concert series he designed was inherently counterintuitive to the artistic intention…

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Flanagan, Shreveport, And The CBC Radio Orchestra

It is only Tuesday but there are a number of items worth pointing out and we’ll start up north and work our down. First, moments after the news that the CBC Radio Orchestras was going to be disbanded was announced, social networking groups centered on saving the orchestra started springing up. Save the CBC Radio Orchestra! group at facebook.com is more than 3,300 members strong and public demonstrations are being organized as well. TAFTO 2008 contributor and author of The Collaborative Piano Blog, Chris Foley, is doing an excellent job at detailing these events and more…

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