Technology Still Amazes

As I’m wrapping up my work day I placed a video call to my wife via my tablet PC and Skype, a free VOIP service and even though we’re separated by several time zones and a good portion of the planet, I’m looking at her smiling face and chatting with her while I wait for a ride back to the hotel. Since this is a tablet PC, I have the screen …

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What They Said

Talk about foot-in-mouth disease, it looks like the comments from Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) executive director, Tony Beadle, have landed the exec in hot water with the music directors over at Sticks and Drones. In a recent Columbus Dispatch article, Beadle stated that CSO music director Junichi Hirokami’s lack of residence in the Columbus area was the source of some of the organization’s problems. Sticks and Drones co-authors Bill Eddins and …

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Ignorance, Thy Name Is Columbus

Recently, a colleague pointed out a comment posted by Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) trustee, Sheldon A. Taft in response to Janelle Gelfand’s June article in the Wall Street Journal about the ongoing problems in the CSO. Taft’s response to Gelfand’s article, although passionate, only serves to reinforce that the CSO executive board and trustees are suffering from a debilitating case of ignorance with regard to their current problems…

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Royale With Cheese

If you’re a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies then you are well aware of the famous opening scene from Pulp Fiction where two of the main characters discuss the differences between life in Amsterdam and the US. The scene has come to mind on more than a few occasions during the past week while working on this project and as Tarantino’s characters from Pulp Fiction articulate, you notice the big glaring difference but you feel those which are subtle…

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In Columbus, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Or more accurately, a picture is worth around 1,500 patrons. Regard less of the fact that the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) executive board decided to cancel summer concerts due in part to the possibility of low turnout, the CSO musicians have successfully demonstrated that there is ample interest in summer programs. The photo to your right shows the approximately 1,500 in attendance at the 7/11/2008 concert given by CSO musicians. For …

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